That's Peter.

Peter is a successful online retailer. He has his own online shop, with which he sells products to private individuals and commercial customers.

Get to know Peter and see how he has increased his online turnover with trade in other EU countries.

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Find out more about Peter

Peter's smart.

Peter has recognized that he can sell his products not only in his own online shop, but also on marketplaces. In addition, he lists his products on various price comparison portals.

Peter knows his stuff.

Peter knows exactly how online trading works. He doesn't want to miss any trends, and in addition to classic online marketing, he always tries something new.

Peter likes automation.

Most things run automatically by Peter, thats why he is able to invest a lot of his time in new ideas. This results in new Sales opportunities and new sales markets for his online shop.

Peter wants to open up new markets.

The EU has laid many foundations for intra-European trade. Peter knows that. That is why he aims to open up new markets in other European countries for himself.

Peter's frustrated.

He thinks "this is all so terribly expensive and complicated",
and adds "how am I supposed to do it all?".

Peter has the perfect solution:

With, Peter can have his entire online shop automatically translated into many languages. And it's uncomplicated with just a few mouse clicks.

Peter recognizes that the translation of artificial intelligence (AI)  is almost as good as that of a professional translator - but over 50 times cheaper. Important technical terms can be managed separately so that they are used correctly by the AI.

At the same time Peter profits from the guide, which prepares him and its on-line Shop for the international trade.

Peter was skeptical

He thought at first "Can a machine translate as well as a professional translator?". He added "I know this 'Google Translator' - this is total bullshit!".

But Peter just tried it out. He was immediately impressed. Especially with continuous text the translation is incredibly accurate. Even HTML tags within the lyrics are taken into account. It cost almost nothing. And he saved a lot of time and automated another process.

Peter is happy

Shop-Translator is available for:

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Peter is a loser


Cost per translationShop translation

€ 0,00015* per character € 5* minimum price

Count characters and get price

€ 5,00* for 0 characters

* Excluding VAT.

Not convinced yet?

Saving time

Your AI translations will be available in your shop within minutes.

Saved money

You must invest less than 95% compared to a professional translator.

Incredibly accurate

The translations are unbelievably good, especially in flowing text.

Other functions

HTML translation

HTML tags are taken into account when translating. Newsletter texts etc. can also be translated separately.

Change History recognize all changes in assortment and texts and suggests these for a translation, if there is no translation yet

Technical terms

Special technical terms, which may not be recognized by the AI, can be predefined and are automatically replaced.

Correction of internal links

For a successful On Page Optimization, internal links are detected and automatically assigned to the correct target page of the respective language.

Questions & Answers

  • For which shop systems is available?

    Currently is only available for the online shop software Shopware 5. We are already working on interfaces to Magento 2, Magento 1.9, Magento 1.7, Shopify and WooCommerce. Please contact us if you want to connect to your individual e-commerce system:

    We would also be pleased to inform you about the current status of the development of the interfaces to the shop systems.

  • How much does a translation cost at

    It is billed exactly according to the number of characters. This includes HTML characters. Per character we charge a fee of 0,0001€ plus VAT.

  • How does work? imports all product and category texts of your online shop. The product texts or category texts you select are translated using artificial intelligence (AI). The translation is done using software from a third-party provider based in the EU. Some additional services, such as the HTML translator, complete the offer of

  • Who the hell is Peter?


  • How fast is a translation done at

    The time required to deliver the translations depends on the quantity of products and categories to be translated. requires time to read your articles and categories and also time to have them translated by the artificial intelligence (AI).

    You can follow the process of the translation live. We calculate for approx. 100 products approx. 30 seconds for the whole process.

  • What is the quality of the translations?

    The quality of translations in Milleu is incredibly good and much better than what you would expect from translation software. For words without sense and context the result cannot be satisfactory.

    Once translated, you can review and edit your articles and categories before importing them into your online store.

  • Do I need a programmer or expert for the operation?

    The translation process at is clearly divided into 5 steps. Before you activate your language shop, please read the guide to internationalisation or ask your doctor, Programmer or e-commerce agency.

  • Can I try

    Simply register and get started immediately.

    You can test with a handful of products... costs only a handful Euro.

  • Is there a "return" right for translations?

    We do not accept any liability or warranty for the accuracy of the translations. If the translations are completely or mostly unusable, you will of course get your money back. You also have the option of checking all translations before they are imported into your online shop.

    Our customers benefit from the incredible reliability and accuracy of our translations. Just try it out with a handful of product texts.

  • Why is the translation better than Google Translate?

    The translation results from Google Translator are pitiful compared to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) we use. Just try and experience our translator with a handful of products.

  • Why the fuck didn't you make an explanation video?

    Simply because of the need to change from the usual routine.

  • Why are translations so cheap at

    We are not an expensive translation agency that uses similar technologies anyway. The texts are translated by an artificial intelligence (AI) and automatically imported into your online shop.

  • Which languages can be translated into?

    The product texts or category texts you select can be translated into one of 9 possible target languages (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portugiesich and Russian) using artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Why do I save twice with

    You could also simply copy your texts into any translation software. You will still be much slower than with

    Because provides you with some useful and practical tools besides the translation, which save you time and money during the translation:

    Consideration of HTML characters
    Change History
    Filter and search function
    glossary of technical terms
    Internationalization Guide

    This saves you first the expensive translation agency and then the time-consuming maintenance of the texts. With the change history, you know for yourself which articles have not yet been translated or have been changed and therefore need to be outdated and translated again.